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Greetings, weary traveller! Welcome to Anime Insights. Here – as the name suggests – you’ll find insights into anime films and series. These insights will allow you to make informed decisions on whether you really want to watch that anime you’ve been considering for the last week. Maybe you weren’t sure it would be gory enough for your sick tastes. Maybe you worried it would be too sexual to watch with your grandmother. Maybe you don’t want your copycat five-year-old son to be dropping the f-bombs he picks up oh-so-easily from TV. Worry no more, for Anime Insights is here for you! Cast aside your fear of failing to find a gateway anime that isn’t riddled with references and parodies you won’t understand! Shut your curtains and embrace the socially deprived life millions are already enjoying more than the sub-par live-action garbage we’re forced to live in. Just remember: watch in a well-lit room and sit a respectable distance from the screen.

Why make a website like this? Official age ratings exist to warn viewers of the objectionable content featured in films and series.

I bothered because I determined now was the time to make a stand against the vague, inconsistent and sometimes dismissive age ratings I have seen all too often. Like that time I watched a film claiming on the cover to contain only ‘Strong Bloody Violence’, yet it quickly revealed far more ‘natural’ weaponry and – not to get too vulgar – but I noticed more than just abdomens being penetrated (if you catch my drift). Now, I am quite indifferent to that sort of sultry surprise, but I know that there are many people who may be put off by that kind of content. I mean, what if that was someone’s first anime? Then what? That person could be put off anime for good on the grounds that it’s just using the pretence of art to fulfil weird fetishes. I’m sure you would agree that it’s sad to watch your hobby be looked down upon. Especially if someone fell prey to uncontrollable circumstances such as these. It certainly brings a tear to my eye.

So, armed with my personally developed age rating system, you’ll be able to tell the anime boasting softcore nudity (known in the industry as ‘Ecchi’) that mustn’t leave your bedroom from those tearjerkers you can share with your entire extended family. Since my system is based on strength, not frequency, you can say sayonara to age ratings that label violence ‘strong’ if it contains frequent – yet ultimately tame – violence and say konichiwa to the content advisory that will let you know which shows show you the guts you really want to see. Believe you me, we’ve got everything from twisted horrors like Deadman Wonderland to the breathtaking relationship dramas like A Lull in the Sea.

I hope to guide anime fans – especially the new – through the endlessly creative world of anime to find the perfect starter that will have you climbing that stairway to 2D heaven with a skip in your step. Of course, I realise that strength is subjective; what I consider strong might be last weekend for you. To remedy this, I’ve provided a list of the reasons I gave it the rating I did. You’ll learn what it’s like at its most objectionable and what level it tends to flow with. With that, you can make your own informed decisions, too.

What if I want to see that sweet Ecchi Japanimation, though?

Then consider this your way of sifting through the mass of fan-service to pinpoint those shows that give you the dose you want. Afterall, you might enjoy fan-service, but you might prefer imagining what you can’t see. In that case, you can use this resource to further your ‘scientific research’ (as you’ve no-doubt convinced your dear, sweet parent it is) and avoid those pesky nipples that destroy your imagination.

Anything else I should know?

Oh yeah, one last thing before you get started: note that this is not a review site. I’m not going to get all judgey-judgey on you because you’re looking for a mindlessly violent anime that drops more swear words than a hip-hop artist. I’m certainly not going to tell you if it’s a good anime or not. That’s for you to decide. I love anime and I want more people to enjoy it. Therefore, the point of this site is to inform you not to make you feel bad about liking a particular series.

If you don’t know where to start, why not check the latest insights below or browse the blog.

Now, I’m done flapping my jaw/keyboard, so you’d best get started. You’ve got a stairway to climb!


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