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Gamer meets his guild in real life and his in-game wife has problems

And you thought there is never a girl online?

12 Episodes


Alternate Titles


Netoge no Yome wa Onna no ko ja Nai to Omotta?


Comedy; Romance; Game; Fantasy; Magic; Psychological


Gamer Hideki Nishimura (AKA Rusian)’s last romantic venture ended in trauma: confessing his undying love to a catgirl online, only to be told she was a middle-aged man in real life. However, a year spent playing solo and Rusian returned to the in-game marriage system and wed support player Ako. All is going fine until his guild decide to have their first offline meeting, wherein Rusian will find out if his in-game wife is a real woman. He discovers there are bigger problems, though, like the fact that Ako can’t distinguish between games and reality, strongly believing the two are married offline, too. It’s up to Rusian and fellow guildmembers swordmaster Schwein, and premium player Apricot, to bring some sense into their deluded companion and show the good side of the real world.

Ako confesses to Rusian as he turns away

Content Advisory

This is not a comprehensive list of every individual use of strong content, merely a guide to show you how extreme it gets and how strong it tends to be. Also, the tags I’ve given each segment (e.g. Very Strong Language) is based on my own system and does not necessarily reflect the tags the BBFC (or other national equivalent) use. According to my system, the ‘Mild’, ‘Moderate’, ‘Strong’ and ‘Very Strong’ adjectives are based on strength, not on volume. Now, obviously, the strength of any type of content is subjective; what I consider strong might just be a relaxing weekend for you. Hence, I have added an explanation for my decision to allow you to make your own informed decision.

Please also note that the ‘colourful’ language I am referring to here is based on FUNimation’s English Dub. The Japanese Dub may (and probably does) differ.

Strong Language

One scene has a character using strong language, however, it is censored by the game’s chat logs.

Otherwise, mostly mild language (e.g. crap, ass, bastard, etc.)

Moderate Sex References & Moderate Sexual Fetish References

The most extreme references have a character comparing his feelings to being violated and tossed aside, some hot and heavy couples’ chat and the classic ‘please be gentle’ anime trope.

One character suggests another is drinking her urine

Apart from these, the series is mostly tame references to breast size and the like.

Mild Sexualised Nudity

None of the nudity depicts any nipple detail, as any and all detail like that is covered by a conveniently placed plant pot or other means.

One scene shows some female characters bathing together and another scene depicts a character kneeling on the floor buck naked. However, as previously mentioned, no detailed nudity is shown.

Mild Violence

The fight scenes are pretty mild, since it’s mostly game fights. As such, injuries are represented by digital squares and little else.

Rusian looks determined as he adventures solo

Reasons to Watch

This is the difficult part. I don’t want you to see this entry as an oversized ‘DON’T WATCH THIS’ post. Equally, I don’t want to influence your opinion with a biased review – there’s a reason this website is called ‘Anime Insights’ and not ‘Anime Reviews’! In this section, I’m going to try to convey to you some of the reasons (in no particular order) that I’ve seen this show’s fans give for enjoying it!

This is a show primarily for gamers, but that doesn’t mean it’s inaccessible to anyone else. A lot of the concepts are explained throughout (although not all), and since a good deal is outside the game world, viewers can enjoy the comical romantic and friendship antics that ensue. I say ‘primarily for gamers’ because its humour is aimed at gamers (especially MMORPG players) as a lot of the jokes and situations will resonate with them.

The series takes a deeper approach to the game anime genre than most. Rather than simply building a world, the series deals with addiction, the boundary between realities and games, phishing scams, 24-hour players, etc.

Rusian and Ako’s relationship may give viewers a fresher take on the romance genre, particularly when gamers are involved. It’s rare for protagonists to be in a relationship or enter a relationship so early on in their series.

Barrier of Entry

Some viewers may find Ako’s instability irritating. She can occasionally appear psychotic, which is played for comedy, but I have seen similar characters that people often can’t see that comedy in.

Like I said before, those who know nothing of MMORPGS (or games at all) won’t get the same out of the series as those who do.

Ako, when she first met Rusian


Opening Theme

1st Love Story by Luce Twinkle Wink☆ (Ep. 2-12)

Ending Themes

1st Love Story by Luce Twinkle Wink☆ (Ep. 1)

Zero Ichi Kiseki by Yoshino Nanjō (Ep. 2-12)

Hardcopy Note

Special features are locked to Blu-Ray only. These include a video commentary and an audio commentary featuring some of the English Dub voice actors and the ADR Director, as well as the textless opening and closing.


Original Character Designer and Light Novel Illustrator Hisasi has a number of manga they wrote and illustrated themselves. However, they are all erotic manga, which may go some way to explaining the fan-service in this anime (even if it never reaches anywhere near their own work).

Staff List

Animation Production: project No.9

Director: Shinsuke Yanagi

ADR Director: Cris George

Series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi

ADR Script: Tyson Rinehart

Music: Maiko Iuchi

Original Creator: Shibai Kineko

Original Character Design: Hisasi

Animation Character Design: Akane Yano

Chief Animation Director: Akane Yano & Takuji Mogi

Art Director: Masakazu Miyake

Lead Voice Actors

Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Hideki “Rusian” Nishimura

Rina Hidaka as Ako Tamaki

Lead Voice Actors (FUNimation)

Dallas Reid as Hideki “Rusian” Nishimura

Trina Nishimura as Ako Tamaki

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